Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chris Andrews vs Mason Ryan (Part 2)

Welcome back! Here are more pics from the epic match between musclegods Chris "The Shark" Andrews and Mason Ryan (formerly known as Brian Griffiths). Scroll down to see who won this bout. (Photos by Hawk Eye Photography)

Post-match locker room photo op


  1. Chris ANDREWS, not Chris ADAMS. ;)

  2. Two of the best bodies in Wrestling. Thanks for the pics.

  3. Those are some really amazing photos! Hawk Eye Photography seems to be a generic photography shop. I wondered if the photographer was gay. I really love the suffering captured in this pic. Of course the Shark is really hot which makes it all the more erotic:

  4. Hot hot pictures! (Damn it though, rooting for Mason!)

  5. They simply MUST post the vid!

    And one day these two should team up.

    1. That would be the PERFECT tag team. They could be called "Sensory Overload."


  6. Pride Promotions
    April 16

    Mason Ryan vs Chris Andrews - Pride Heavyweight championship.

    This epic match will be available on DVD very soon!
    On a show also ft TNA star Chris Sabin, tag team action and much more

    Hawk-Eye Photography credit. — with Aaron Noble-mackie, Martin Longley, Alan Hinder, Barri Griffiths, Naomi Jane, David Curle, Chris Andrews and Chris 'Shark' Andrews.