Friday, April 3, 2015

Body Shots : In The Ring

Magnus (aka Nick Aldis)

Ethan Carter III (aka Derrick Bateman)
Chris Dickinson

Brady Pierce

A.J. Styles

Caleb Konley

Ryan McQueen

Stan Styles

Ross Von Erich

Shane Haste


  1. Interesting we had a recent discussion about kneepads being too blocky with Sexy Kev, and Magnus seems to have that look too, but it makes Magnus look hotter and manlier to me and not bulky

  2. Brady Pierce has really made the transition from cute twink to stunning beefcake! It's a shame his matches are so sporadic and hard to find!!

  3. look at the cockiness and the big cock of chris dickinson

  4. Brady Pierce looks or looked 200 percent better, clean-shaven. Can't think why such a handsome man should hide his face behind either facial hair or silly, weird masks.