Friday, April 10, 2015

When Jobbers Collide

Thanks to my good friend/longtime contributor to this blog David for sending me another batch of awesome photos that he took at a NXT show last weekend. Here's what David wrote in the accompanying email: "Last weekend, two of NXT's most notorious jobbers, Steve Cutler and Elias Sampson, met in a match. It was Elias Sampson who can now boast a win." Congratulations, Elias. So is a jobber who beats another jobber still a jobber? And thanks again, David, for these shots and for supplying the title to this post.


  1. I guess that also begs the question is a jobber jobs to a jobber definitely a jobber?

  2. Sadly, Cutler is the jobber here. OTOH, he certainly comes out as the most photogenic. It is crazy, though,
    here WWE plays him up as this USMC warrior, and then has him job to everyone else.

  3. Yeah, but military men often make the best muscle bottom jobbers, as is exemplified here!

    1. True, but they should let him build up some cred first.

  4. Too bad - Cutler is so much hotter and more muscular than the other (forgettable) jobber. Looks like he is doomed to muscle jobber status. These wrestling promoters are jealous of the handsome musclestuds and get their revenge by humiliating them in the wrestling ring!