Saturday, April 18, 2015

Picture of the Week

Wrestling action in Germany.


  1. A very cool pic!

    Any IDs anyone? Especially the blond?

  2. Working from the thumbnails linked to this list, I see possibles, but none I'd make with any confidence. On the site, some are highlighted in white, Freddy Stahl, e.g., but w/o successful links:

    Wrestlers who worked Matches within the Time Frame
    925 Sterling Silver, Adrian Severe, Airstrike, Apu Singh, Babyface Davies, Bad Bones, Bam, Bernd Föhr, Big Daddy Walter, Black Chain, Boombastic, Cash Crash, Cash Money Erkan, Cem Kaplan, Chaos, Chris Colen, CorVus, Cruel Agility, Daniel Pruce, Dean Jazzman, DenKo, Dragan Okic, Drake Destroyer, Dr. Carsten Crank, Felix Reiter, Franz Dynamite, Freddy Stahl, Fredy Martello, Georg Gwärch, Hades Ladon, Hakem bin Asem Wakuur bin al-Sultan, Insane Killer, Ivan Kiev, Ivan Markov, Jay Cruise, Jessy Jade, Johann Schuster, Johnny Rancid, Juvenile X, Ken Floyd, Kenny the Kid, Kick Ass Jane, Koray, Maik Tuga, Marc Angelo, Marius Al-Ani, Markus Antonius, Martin Casaus, Marvos, Maximilian Bismarck, Maxi Schneider, Melanie Gray, Mexx, Michael Schenkenberg, Miguel Ramírez, Mike Skull, Mr. Exotic Erotic, Pascal Spalter, Red Rage, Salsakid Rambo, Sammy Guevara, Scotty Saxxon, Sebastian Hackl, Steve, Syndrome, Tarkan Aslan, T-K-O, Tom Hüttinger, Tommy Blue Eyes, Unique, Ursus, Val Verde, Veit Müller, Vicious Impact Power und Will Breaker

  3. Goof grief, it is the wrestling version of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten! (Google-image it)