Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Beefcakes of Wrestling Turns 6!

Yup, it was six years ago this week that Beefcakes of Wrestling's first post appeared. I started this blog because I was checking out a lot of pro wrestling sites then and thought, "why not curate photos of all the good-looking, well-built wrestlers and put them in one place for  aficionados of beefcake to enjoy?" And here we are! Thanks to my good pals and longtime contributors Jim and David for constantly sharing the amazing photos they take and to all those readers who visit the blog regularly, share links, identify wrestlers I don't know, email me with suggestions, and leave comments (the Comments section has never been busier!). Anyway, here are the wrestlers (posted in alphabetical order) who were featured on this blog in February 2011. Some of them are still around, although they look dramatically different (I'm looking at you Chris Dickinson), while others have left wrestling to pursue different careers. Cheers to all!
Brandon T (now wrestling as Bram)

Chris Dickinson

Dustin Starr

El Elegido

Ezekiel Jackson

John Morrison

Lane Vasser

Mason Ryan aka Barri Griffiths

Mike Bennett

Mike Mizanin aka The Miz

Rene Dupree

Romeo Roselli

Samuray del Sol

Shiima Xion aka DJ Z

Sylvain Grenier

Titus O'Neill


  1. Happy Birthday, Beefcakes of Wrestling! And thanks for six years of muscles and spandex and attitude!

  2. Your blog is addictive.


  3. Love this blog. I've been following it for some time but only started commenting recently. There are probably many other followers who never drop a comment (especially since it was moderated until a few weeks ago) and I do wonder how many of the wrestlers featured here have stumbled upon the blog while Googling themselves and whatnot, lol.

    Happy birthday!

    (P.S. Dickinson should revert to that smooth look... hot!)

  4. Congratulations, Thanks, and Best Wishes for at least six more fruitful years to come.

  5. Hey Bruno, This is Jim. Congratulations and THANKS for posting my pics throughout the years. They couldn't have found a better home!

    1. Thank *you* Jim! It's always such a pleasure when the first words in a post are "My friend Jim" as there are always hot intimate photos to look forward to

  6. Thanks for all the hard work! Love seeing pics of my existing favorites. Love even more getting exposed to new studs!

  7. Thanks and happy blog birthday! Anon.

  8. Congrats Bruno! Are you still doing your 5 years ago today segments or are they going to be 6 years ago from today now haha

    Lane Vasser looks hot! Never heard of him before

    1. It'll still be called Five Years Ago This Month; I'll repost what I think are the best pics from the same month five years ago, i.e. the best pics from March 2011, April 2011, and so on.

      Click on the Lane Vasser tag on the Labels list (right side) to see more Lane pics.

    2. Lane was a flash in the pan, I think post-college football. Seems as if he moved on quickly from wrestling after a year or two. His name appeared as Vasser and Vassar. He was in Anarchy wrestling, the promotion that gave us Gunner (Phil Shatter), Truitt Fields, Dash Wilder (Steven Walters), Corey Hollis, etc. Anon.

    3. I was so sad that Anarchy came to an end. I loved their weekly updates on Sunday afternoons/evenings. Something to look forward to!

  9. Congrats! Always enjoy checking out your posts!

  10. Congratulations on the blog’s anniversary and kudos on all of your hard work! You do a great job each and every month on this blog! (… and I’ll take the current version of Chris Dickinson, thanks very much)