Friday, February 26, 2016

Moonlighting with Nese and Summers

In case you haven't seen it yet, Cameron Matthews' website has downloadable videos for sale featuring two wrestling beefcakes who have been featured many times on the pages of this blog. First up is Anthony Nese who wrestles as Maverick for Matthews' company. In the video Sexy Cage Match, Nese/Maverick goes to work on college basketball player Cal Bennett. I haven't seen the video myself, but it's obvious from these photos who the jobber is in this match.

Also available for download is Chet Chastain vs. Ethan Andrews. Yup, Chastain is none other than independent wrestler and half of the tag team Milk Chocolate, Randy Summers. This video has two evenly-matched wrestlers and the action is described as being more "back and forth."

You can check out these videos on Cameron's website : (Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for Cameron's website or merchandise.)


  1. I definitely prefer Nese and Randy to be on the receiving end of punishment.

    I always feel private matches lack the excitement of a pro match, but bringing pro wrestlers gives these matches a legitimacy that adds excitement. And it helps they are hot

  2. Back in the 70s, my fantasy world was restricted to WWF Wrestling at midnight on Saturdays. I would stay up 'till 1am hoping to catch the occasional glimpse of Bob Backlund or Argentina Apollo ( they wore the skimpiest trunks ).

    Oh! If I had a crystal ball and could have seen the future!

    We are all very blessed to live in a time when all these beautiful men are available to us at (literally) the snap of a finger. The sheer number of videos and images of all kinds of wrestling men is remarkable.

    Let's take a moment and reflect on that, and consider that the next generation will be watching 3D Virtual Reality wrestling and porn.

    Pretty amazing!

    1. I'm younger than you but I still remember planning my time around WCW and WWF broadcasts in the 90s and early 00s. Back then, though, they actually had a handful of wrestlers I wanted to see.

      Yes, we're incredibly fortunate to be living in the age of streaming video because, for me, pro wrestling on TV is at an all-time low.

    2. That's a really nice reflection about our times and how fortunate we are with such access to wrestling pics and videos! And yes, it's exciting to think about how VR will enhance things even more indeed.

      I reminisce too about planning my time around Saturday noon and midnight to watch WWF wrestlers. In addition to being in the closet, my parents were also strict about TV watching, but I always had to risk it as the heart knew what the heart wanted

  3. There are a number of pro wrestlers on Cameron and related sites. In addition to Brian Cage and Tony Nese, I see (now retired) Kharn Alexander, I'll bet that the debuting Caleb is Caleb Conley, and I've noticed Bucky (Wells, Florida Indy). A few others are fitness models using assumed names.
    In addition to availability of wrestling shows/matches, the physiques have improved immeasurably since the 70s, and don't even bother to look at thr 50s and 60s matches. A great body was few and far between. Anon.

    1. No way can I watch anything pre-80s (even 80s is pushing it, honestly). It wasn't just that no attention was paid to physique/build but unkempt and disheveled seemed to be in for some reason. And I'm not big on longer hair.

      Speaking of, Kharn Alexander (with short hair) was gorgeous. It's a shame he retired.

    2. I generally agree with the sentiments of not being able to watch anything too early. And yes, apparently the face is important for my attraction too and so older hairstyles can turn me off too (or anything that is long) ... not all, but generally. So I definitely agree there. For me, 80s is pushing it for me as the mid-90s was when I would eagerly sneak to seek out wrestling

      Another factor though is video quality. It can be hard to really see how someone actually looks when we're expecting to see certain details of muscles that are constantly buzzing from static. So that along with less fit physiques add to unwatchability.

      It's interesting in other forums I know people pine for these times. Which goes to show attraction is really formed at certain younger formidable ages and for some, never really change, despite better technology, more athletic matches, or more worked out physiques.

    3. Some of my favorites of all time were from the 80s, if I am remembering correctly, but mostly jobbers: Kenny Kendall, Curtis Thompson, Bob Emory, Ron Cumberledge, etc. They were clean-cut, and appeared week after week. Only with the Internet did I discover that a lot of these guys actually were "winners" in indy promotions. My favorite vids are of these guys actually winning.