Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Meet Travis Gordon

Making his first appearance here on Beefcakes of Wrestling, please welcome Travis Gordon. Sometimes called Travis "Flip" Gordon, sometimes Travis "Air" Gordon, this Montana-born high-flyer is currently based in Boston, MA.  To see his matches, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel by clicking here. Here's a video of a match held in January 2016 between Gordon and Adam Booker. If you're an instant fan of Gordon (like I am), you may be glad to know that I'll be featuring more of him in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

Travis gets an endorsement.


  1. Yes, he's fit, with youthful good looks. But it's a big world, and when it comes to hot & sexy wrestlers, he's got a lot of competition.

    1. That was my immediate impression, as well.

  2. I like his high school graduation photo. Sure he has competition, but I enjoy a little variety.

  3. Nice find. I agree with everyone above! The competitive hot space these guys occupy and the enjoying this variety.

    My first impression was also he's got a really sizable package and some nice tree trunk quads to go with it. You guys are turning me into an animal!

  4. Check out a few of his matches. He really is quite fun to watch, and it is usually a David vs Goliath situation, where he is David. Anon.

  5. As always, you really know how to pick’em, Bruno.

    This guy is like a clone of what my perfect wrestler crossed with my favorite Marvel Super Hero would look like… he is hot in all the best ways that push my buttons… Have Mercy!