Friday, February 5, 2016

Body Shots : On The Ropes

Whose pose/photograph is your favorite?
Alexander Hammerstone

Hugo Knox



Blake Andersen

Rionne Fujiwara

Joey Ryan

Ahtu Najeeb

Slim J


  1. I know we're supposed to evaluate the pose but... Mexx. Always Mexx.

    Blake Andersen a distant second due to the shirt.

    Btw, NEW, the promotion Mexx is (was?) with, was uploading full matches on their YouTube channel at some point but appear to have ceased. Now you only get these highlight/recap episodes although sometimes they will have a bonus full-length match (but Mexx is rarely featured). Sadness.

    I savored his matches with Juvenile X (yum). And there are distantly filmed, rather low quality videos of two matches between him and Leon Shah (double yum). Check those out.

  2. Didn't notice the question about poses either. Wow, I really can't read.

    Yeah missing Mexx too. He's so hot, but no more recent matches. Fav matches I remember are of him vs. Grizzly (or someone) and vs. Dragan Okic. We get to see Mexx's hot bod worked over and displayed really hot.

    Haha, why do you like that shirt JM?

    Also love Rionne. He exudes a masculinity that's really sexy, but he has a goofy core. Need to find more Rionne pics

    1. I don't give a damn about the shirt, lmao, I'd prefer it if it were off, which is why he's a distant second. ;)

      One of my biggest turn-offs is when wrestlers like Andersen wrestles most or even an entire match with their shirt on. It's such a waste.

      A shirt or jacket should be removed by the wrestler or ripped off by the wrestler's opponent at the beginning of the match.

  3. Agree with JM -- Mexx ueber alles in der Welt -- also agree that Mexx-Okich matches are superb as was that iconic match between I forgot whom and Ice Pick during which the latter's spine was seriously abused over and over and over again. He's never topped that show since those early days. Hope Mexx doesn't follow suit.

    Question? Is Rionne pronounced as though it were spelled Ryan? Anyone know fer shore?

    1. I love Mexx and pre-bald Severe, such a hot tag team.

      re Severe: There's a really hot match of his (in his earlier days) that is only viewable on this German site:

      I haven't found a way to extract it and the day that site removes it will be a sad one. We can all savor it while it's still up there, though! *drool*

      When it comes to Germany/Austria, I also really like Juvenile X and Absolute Andy, although the latter has gotten way too chunky recently.

    2. I just noticed Freddy Stahl. Previously he had been wearing a singlet and looked to have a lot of baby fat, but in the latest video I found, he is in trunks and looks quite impressive. Anon.

  4. Tom, yes, Rionne is pronounced Ryan or Lion. I've heard the commentators speak about him. Also, he's used the similarity of his name to lion as part of a bit.

    I believe you're talking about Vic Capri vs. Ace Steel. Yes, that was so classic. I really wish I could see the whole match and not just the clips on youtube

    1. At one time, the Capri-Steel match was to be found somewhere on the web & may still be there. Low quality video, but adequate to display Capri's pecs, abs, throat, etc, as he was being stretched and punished for disfiguring Steel's mouth and face early on in the match. Capri could take a camel clutch as well as anyone else, much like Evan Bourne always seems to be when against the Miz. The big leagues seem to me to be the ruination of "entertaining" grappling. Thank the gods for indy efforts. I keep waiting to see Tom Daley vs. Alan Lee Travis--a good mix of areal flight and tortuous stretching.

    2. Yes, it is there in two formats (18 min. plus. The better one is split in three parts. Just go to Youtube and search: "Vic Capri" Steel