Friday, February 19, 2016

Tino Time!

Have you been wanting to see more of NXT up-and-comer Tino Sabatelli? You can thank David, one of this blog's longtime contributors, for this batch of Tino pics taken recently at a NXT event. Tino's opponent here is Apollo Crews whom you might recognize as Uhaa Nation. Thanks for these pics, David. I'll be posting more of David's work here next week, so stay tuned!


  1. What a beautiful man! Like an ancient Greek hero.

    1. Agreed. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the first full-match video. I guess we have to wait for his debut on the NXT show.
      Bruno, can't you get one of your photographer friends to film a whole match?

  2. I'm not taking anything away from those of you who like this guy, but ...

    For my tastes - he's nice, but not compelling:

    1. Over-shaved. Too hairless for me.
    2. No pronounced "package". In these photos, he might as well be a woman where his legs intersect. I like to see that a fighter has BALLS.
    3. Handsome, but bland, expressionless face.

    Overall, nice. Better than average. But not exciting.

    1. I always wonder to what extent we can see a package is due to the trunks he's wearing. That logo is very dominant and so any creases of his packages are completely hidden, especially from the front. Check out the 4th pick when he's (pathetically I might add) on all fours from the side. That suggest he might have a bigger bulge than it might look in other pics

    2. I also wonder if he's shaved or just naturally like that. Is it possible to tell?

    3. Thanks Eli,

      For me the issue is not his natural endowment, but rather the fantasy he creates. At the end of the day, all these guys are carefully crafted characters that fill our fantasies.

      To that end, whether his costume hides his real "package", is irrelevant.

      The illusion is not helped just because I know, logically, that he must be well endowed.

      The fantasy is only real if I can see it.

      In this case, my fantasy would be perfectly fulfilled,if he stuffed a sock in his trunks, even if I knew it was a sock.

      Regarding the hair - oh yes, he's shaved it all. Few healthy Caucasian men are so completely devoid of hair. But that's not so important because it's so subjective: Some like it; some don't.

    4. To each his own. I think he is quite wonderful. Anon.