Monday, February 15, 2016

Muscle Monday : Selfie Showdown Godderz vs The Big O

It's two-for-one today as Muscle Monday is mashed up with Selfie Showdown, another regular feature here on Beefcakes of Wrestling. And today's combatants are  two heavily-muscled men who are definitely not shy about sharing selfies on social media, TNT Impact's Jessie Godderz vs indy wrestler The Big O. First, let's check out Mr. PEC-Tecular's selfies.

Now here's The Big O.

So who wins this challenge? Tell us your answer in the Comments section below.


  1. Big O gets my vote, he's got the entire package. ....

  2. Agree!

    I wish his promotion made his matches (well, all their matches) more readily/freely available on YouTube. Loved his matches vs. Apollyon, which are on there.

    1. Can't go with you guys this time. Godda be Godderz. Don't like his ring personality, but he has the body, hair, face, no tattoos, and decent fashion sense to show it all off.
      I like O, but the tattoos and moronic backwards hat are, among other things, a turn off. Anon.

    2. Agree 100% with anonymous as to backwards hats. In my experience those who wear hats that way have seldom achieved emotional puberty. Relevance here? Only to say that my temperature is raised from choler and not lust when I see otherwise attractive men with their hats askew.
      Perhaps distantly related is (re: lust) that I find it curious that we often say something like "Nick Stanley is hot!" when, in fact, I, the onlooker, am the one who is "hot." Nick may or may not be over 98.6--but when I look over Bruno's offerings re: Nick, I am definitely approaching the century mark at the very least.

      Fortunately for me, cool relief is as near as my front door--it is snowing here in Charm City AGAIN.

    3. And, good grief, those stupid arm bands: should only be worn if one is in mourning. O's guns are so big he doesn't need them, and for the guys with skinny arms: they don't help, except to draw attention to the fact that you have an infriority complex.

  3. Yeah Big O wins in size and sexiness. He would definitely top Godderz in an encounter (wait, what are we voting for again? ;)

    Yeah, wish we could see more Big O. I agree that match with Apollyon was hot as fuck. It was so hot, I made these gifs to capture the encounter:

    I think Godderz was featured last time too. So was he the selfie "champion" and could he be "dethroned" now? Haha, interesting idea

  4. Mr.Pec is my Weiner