Friday, February 19, 2016

Body Shots : Selfies (The Fully Clothed Edition)

First, the good news. If you like selfies of beefcake wrestlers, then here are 15 of them. Now for the bad news. In these selfies, the wrestlers are fully clothed -- no bare chests, no ring gear. I thought it might be interesting to see what these guys look like in their everyday get-ups (I'm not sure if Hugo Knox and Chris Ridgeway dress like that everyday though). What do you think of these selfies? First, let's check out the gym selfies.
Randy Summers

Marius Al-Ani

Matt Vine

Anthony Henry

Sexy Kev

Here are a few selfies-in-the-car (don't try this unless you're the passenger).
Chris Dickinson & Brian Cage

Travis Gordon

Matt Dewar

Sean Kustom

Now for some "Do I look good or what?" selfies.
Hugo Knox

Chris Ridgeway

Ariya Daivari

Alexander Chamberlain

Tristan Archer

And finally, the random selfie.


  1. A nice experiment, Bruno, but in every picture I end up imagining them without clothing. I'm hopeless, lol.

    Speaking of which, I've noticed that in his recent matches, Ashton Vuitton has started taking selfies with his (unwilling) opponents, usually after he has subdued or immobilized them. Love it!

  2. I dislike all selfies -- so far. I suspect that if he looked as bad as almost all selfies subjects look, Narcissus would be alive today.

  3. Cool post!

    Well, cool in that it was an interesting experiment. It's a good reminder that I come mostly for the meat, the bare chest and trunks as you say. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed and that the more covered up, the more disappointed I was. Still, I do appreciate the curve ball!

    I say I dislike selfies, but my lingering eyes tell a different story. I guess in a way that means I outwardly hate narcissism, but in the closet I love it, haha

    Funny how I was going to comment on Hugo Knox and Chris Ridgeway anyway. Knox was the most surprising. I didn't recognize him with clothes on at all lol. Ridgeway I thought looked really dapper and that I liked

  4. Hugo used to do modelling before he bulked up for wrestling. I doubt he could fit into that suit now.