Monday, February 1, 2016

Muscle Monday : The Riegel Twins

Remember last week's post on identical twins Logan and Sterling Riegel? Well, they're back in all their muscled glory. First, let's look at Logan who shares more "muscle" pics on social media compared to his brother.

 Now here's Sterling.

Want to see these beefcakes wrestle each other? Click here.


  1. And another match in AUgust 2015:

    And while you're there, check out Nate Alsin and Arthur Haug in some of the other vids posted by MidnightGuthrie.

  2. Nate Alsin is good but videos of him are only posted sporadically.

  3. Alsin does appear to be interesting, but he has few Images, Videos. Even the GIFs I found were minuscule. The guy needs better promotion!

  4. Haug is a lost cause, I think, he hasn't had a match for months, but Alsin's career goes back years. But, I agree--how to increase demand for guys like him--maybe publicizing him through blogs like this one?

    Usually I turn up the vid quality to hig-def and zoom in, which helps.

    Alsin has his own FBm and a fan FB page and instagram:

    And here are a few pics I've found:

  5. Thanks for the Links, Anonymous. But I'd already been there.

    Just how do promoters get fan feedback? If they get it, do they ever heed it? WWE is particularly inclined to take guys popular from their time in the indies or other promotions and virtually throwing them on the trash heap.

    And too often, the promotions largely ignore some wrestlers for video purposes. It can be sooo annoying and frustrating.

    Some men have good FB pages, with lots of exciting and good quality Images, but others don't put much in Photos. I've seen some that don't post on theirs for weeks, months, even years.

    I can understand that they might be busy with travel, training, and matches. But you'd think that they could find someone to manage what is, after all, a kind of PR and fan relations.

    Again, WWE takes that too far. In too many cases, their wrestlers' sites are practically all corporate fluff.

    1. Agree. I can't understand why they don't realize that the more match vids and photos they have out, the more popular they will be.
      In a small way, I think it doesn't hurt to share vid links, esp. when they are uploaded by Indy companies. The company can see from the Youtube page how many views each match gets, and who is attracting comments, and therefore hire them for more matches and post theor videos more often.
      I would be that any vid link Bruno posts gets a sudden, measurable boost in viewership.

    2. Typo--I meant: I would BET that any vid link Bruno posts ...