Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Body Shots : The Photo Shoot

How would you prepare for a photo shoot? Would you go on a high protein/low carb diet? Work out harder? Hire a professional to style your hair? Maybe some of these beefcake wrestlers did all those and more. Who do you think aced their photo shoot?
Tino Sabatelli


Iestyn Rees

Chris Ridgeway


Danny Duggan (USA)

Marcius Pitt

Cam Zagami

Chris Dickinson


  1. Tino got me like...

    Not feeling hirsute/bearded Duggan at all.

  2. Aced? Not one of them. Maybe a C or, stretching things, a C+, here and there, but surely not a single A among the bunch.

    Photographers were often the problem: bad focus, insufficient depth of field, poor or unwise lighting, seeming attempt at "artsy" shots, awful composition--or more than one of the above.

    I am not a naysayer -- more than half of the action photos of XYZ Shima would merit my A. And it's far harder to harness in action shots all those forces which I think, marred the posed shots about which BM asked.

  3. that unidentified wrestler is GQ Gallo -- a bit husky, but all of it prime beef.

  4. A lot of hot looking guys! I like Marcius Pitt's black and white photo with purple armbands. Love me some TMDK and always forget that group is larger than Shane Haste and Mikey Nichols.

    Never seen Danny Duggan so hairy and huge and brunette like that. Not sure what to think.

    I always thought Iestyn Rees took hotter pics. Not as hot in action in the ring IMO

  5. chris dickinson = tug of cock