Sunday, February 28, 2016

Future Beefcake Material : Ace Perry

I don't know how old independent wrestler Ace Perry is, but he made his professional debut in 2012, so I would assume he's in his early 20s (even though he looks like he could pass for a teenager). At 5 ft. 9 in. and 187 pounds, he has a lean build which might be disadvantageous to him when faced with a much bigger opponent. But what he lacks in size, he makes up in agility. The photos below were taken by Jim (formerly from Chicago), a good friend of this blog who has been one of its regular contributors since 2010. Jim says that Perry was one of the crowd favorites at The Lucha Libre Fest held in Cicero, Illinois this month. "He must have been a gymnast because he had some pretty amazing moves. His smile and personality had the fans up from their seats and he and his tag team partner won their match." I think Perry is one to watch, don't you? Thanks, Jim, for these amazing pics of a future Beefcake of Wrestling.

Watch Perry in action in this match which was uploaded two weeks ago: Project ROC Ace Perry vs Skyler Fayden. Click here to watch "Prettyboy" Perry face a beast named John Jacobs.


  1. I've long noticed that 95% of wrestlers on this blog, and throughout media in general, are white Caucasian. Never mind the occasional outlier.

    Is this because non-whites choose not to wrestle? Is there a taboo in non-white communities ?

    Is this because fans choose to see mostly white wrestlers?

    Is wrestling culturally specific to white communities ?

    Does this have anything to do with homophobia in non-white communities?

    Does this have anything to do with income inequality?

    I really don't know, and would love for someone to give me a logical, reasonable answer.


  2. Upon seeing the name, I recall I didn't think much in the past, but reading his stats and seeing the first face pic got me hard. I can see how this guy has sex appeal. Not a fan of the perm cut, but my interest is finally peaked.

    Curious, not sure anyone can answer definitively as these are big questions that'd require enormous data if they were even possible to answer. My opinion is generally yes to all those questions. We live in a white-dominated society and so standards of beauty usually revolve around white people and that's why most people obsess over hot muscular white guys (at least that's the case for me). But this is the case not just in wrestling but in magazines, billboards and other media. I also generally think non-white communities are more homophobic, but it's more of what I said earlier. Not sure how income inequality factors in.

    1. Eli, that was a great response. It does all make sense. Thanks!