Saturday, March 4, 2017

Beefcakes In Action

Michael Spencer

Sless Taylor (right)

Zack Sabre, Jr.

Travis Gordon (left)

Clayton Jackson vs Darin Dinero

David Starr

Josef Von Schmidt vs Rex Lawless

Maxwell Jacob Feinstein, Mike Verna, The Big O (top to bottom)

The Big O (right)

Anthony Nese (center)


  1. Wow, amazing set!

    Always love Michael Spencer. Too bad he's not responsive on Facebook. Wonder why his knee is exposed. Wish there were more matches of him online.

    I'm looking at the guy Sless Taylor is with on his left. Who might he be??

    MJF, Verna, Big O ... what hot pile of meat. Would love to see that match.

    Mmm, Big O getting his hot body felt up and grabbed by the blobbier Apollyon. So hard thinking of it.

    Nese getting triple-teamed ... mmmmm...

  2. I wish the photo of that Sless Taylor match was accompanied with a video. It looks like my kind of matchup.

    Darin Dinero with that hair and without his black trunks holds zero interest for me. But the suffering Clayton looks good.

    I love that The Big O is still wrestling but new videos of him are hard to come by and by that I mean nonexistent. Those two matches of his against Apollyon are glorious.

  3. Some time ago I saw that NYWC has its videos for streamable for some price per month and I think Big O was on there at least in some matches. That's where I thought he "disappeared" to.

    Those Apollyon videos definitely are glorious though. Apollyon is a really great wrestler for dominating our muscle boys and surprisingly agile. It takes a lot of effort to make a guy the size of Big O make a big o

  4. Really a choice collection. Vast majority of the wrestlers are straining/flexing beautifully. Agree with all the comments above (what's with Dinero?), but particularly love the Verna/Feinstein/Big O totem pole.