Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Body Shots : The Photo Shoot

Nathan Cruz

Randy Reign

Kay Jutler

Jay Hawk (Hungary)

Humberto Garza, Jr.

Eddie Ryan

Donovan Dijak

Donovan Danhausen

Johnny Moss

Danny Ramons


  1. Nathan Cruz is hot! Did Kay put on some weight? Eddie Ryan always looking fine.

    Surprisingly, I didn't even look at Dijak.

    1. Yup, Kay bulked up and looks jacked.

    2. I think I slightly miss his old look, but this pic definitely had me do a double stare (like a double take, but when your eyes linger for 5 minutes)

  2. danny ramóns…you could dedicate an entire post to him…damn he's hot

  3. Nathan Cruz has been exceptionally skillful in making the transition from blubber-nippled Baby Huey to a man-sized and strong, talented wrestling machine. TT

  4. I find attractive Jay Hawk's overelay og adipose tissue, especially but not only over his pecs. Sometimes not-so chisled is appealing.

    Garza Jr's pose is wide of the sexy mark. Had be been placed at a better angle, it would not appear that he has a shod penis hanging below his crotch and the submissive nature of the pose would "come to" the fore, as it should.