Thursday, March 30, 2017

Throwback Thursday : Big Beef Showdown

Where would we be without the YouTube Channel My Wrestling Obsession? This channel has hundreds, yes, hundreds of wrestling matches featuring not just the biggest names in wrestling from past and present, but also many little known, semi-obscure wrestlers in independent companies all over the USA. Here's one such match that caught my eye recently : Incredible Indie WXW Muscle God Battle featuring Extreme Billy Dream vs Eric Cobian. This contest is originally from 2008, a few years before I even started this blog, and as you can expect, the quality of this video leaves much to be desired. But better a somewhat low resolution video than none at all, right? Here are some screen caps I made from this match.
The Champion - Billy Dream 
The Challenger - Eric Cobian

Bonus Beefcake: This beefy bodybuilder/wrestler  named John Baine was part of Cobian's posse.


  1. Uff, those oiled glistening bodies...

  2. Ano oily body builder in his loading phase is the hottest thing in the world. This has been my favorite post in a while.

  3. This was the same promotion in which the blogworthy Tommy Suede, AJ Sabotage, and Tony Nese (then "Maverick") were in. Anon.

  4. So much sex oozing out of all that muscle!