Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Meet Markus Mytra

Here's another wrestler who was brought to my attention by a blog reader who leaves comments signed "Anonymous" (he also introduced me to independent wrestler Evan Grey). Calling himself "The First Slovakian Pro Wrestler," Markus Mytra is from Slovakia, a small country in Europe with a population of not more than 6 million. Myra and his tag team partner in The Spartan Legion are the reigning tag team champions of Hungarian Championship Wrestling (HCW). There are some articles about Mytra, but they're written in what is either Hungarian or Slovakian, so I don't have any additional information to share with you. But you'll be seeing more of Mytra here on Beefcakes of Wrestling in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, now that is a real life superhero. He wears that cape harness and spreads that flag so gloriously. Seriously, that cape harness is so cool. If this guy is representative of Slovakia, I need to go there asap.

  2. Ditto Eli Jav. And we all know how the Spartans trained and mentored their young warriors. TT

  3. Not to blow my own horn, but I also take credit for alerting you folks to a few others, including my favorite, Clay Moore. Anon.
    BTW, a few new Evan Grey matched have been posted:

    1. Evan Grey is my favorite new wrestler. Young too. He's going to get way more attractive as he ages. I think he's going to become a super star.

  4. That last link is pretty hot Anon.

    Clay Moore _is_ pretty hot but I'd forgotten about him tbh :P. Any match recommendations on him?

  5. The HCW posts are in Magyar, but all the rest are in Slovakian.