Saturday, March 11, 2017

Destroyer Dharma Leaves A Comment

It would seem that Beefcakes of Wrestling has come to the attention of Singaporean wrestler/bodybuilder Destroyer Dharma (first featured here on December 6, 2016; click here to see the original post). Dharma left a comment in said post; he thanked the readers of BoW for supporting him and provided links to the three matches he has wrestled in so far.

Watch this match here.

Here are links to two more of his matches: Destroyer Dharma's debut and Destroyer Dharma in an 11-Man Battle Royale. Here's wishing him luck in his wrestling career.

P.S. Here's what Destroyer Dharma posted on his Facebook page yesterday:


  1. Woww ... that's so cool... good for you Bruno! I'm impressed! (now to check out his matches ....)

  2. That was a really cool nice thoughtful thing for him to do. Was thrilled to see that comment.

    Wish you continued success Destroyer Dharma!

  3. what a gracious hunk of powerful man meat! And those red trunks, just WOW!