Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More PEC-tacular Tease

Last month, I posted a link to Pectease, a website devoted to man cleavage. That post was accompanied by photos of wrestlers who gave us a glimpse of their chests in their low cut shirts, unbuttoned tops, and skimpy tank tops. Here's another compilation of wrestlers from around the globe teasing us with a peek of their pecs. Remember, this is Pectease, "where a peek of pec is all you need."
Chris Rush

Clayton "Gainz" Jackson

Nick Westgate

Tyson Dos Santos aka Tyson Furia

Humberto Garza. Jr.

Michael Elgin

Johnny Moss (right, with Adam "Flex" Maxted)

Here are some images from the archives of Beefcakes of Wrestling.
Sylvain Grenier

Steve Lewington aka DJ Gabriel

Anthony Bravado


  1. Nick Westgate has a good look. Saw he is 5'7" and 150 pounds so not quite even a cruiserweight :)

  2. I knew of Anthony Bravo by another name; never realized he wrestled. Such a good shot of his pecs in that photo.

    That pic of Chris Rush is a borderline 'thirst trap'.