Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fabio Gets Cheeky...Again

Last week, I posted some screen caps of a match between England's Charlie Garrett and Italy's Fabio Ferrari. Well, Fabio's back and this time his opponent is Frenchman Tom la Ruffa (looking bulkier these days). If you thought Fabio's opponent wouldn't pull down his trunks and expose his bubble butt like the last time, think again.  Here are screen caps from two sources on YouTube: Beaury Mathieu's coverage (clearer, but the camera gets shaky occasionally) and a longer video from Fabio's YouTube page. 


  1. Some wrestlers seem to use pantsing/being pantsed as a standard move. I was going to share this Youtube channel from someone who has collected a few videos of nothing but (or butt):
    But in searching for it again, I found whole video playlists (90 to 100 or more) of various types of pantsing or "wardrobe malfunctions."

  2. Oh, Fabio...He sure does get pantsed quite often. Although, it's not too surprising. Ferrari is HOT and an amazing skilled wrestler. More Fabio please!