Monday, March 13, 2017

Muscle Monday : Adam "Flex" Maxted

Irish wrestler Flex is now going by his real name Adam Maxted. The 24 year old former reality TV star (he was in a UK hook-up show called Love Island) is not just a professional wrestler, he's a personal trainer, too. Not only that, he's the founder (and model) of a jeans line called Set In Stone. What a busy millennial!

With Eddie Ryan and a cheeky photobomber who looks like Patton Oswalt.


  1. And, although it's not clearly obvious from these shots, the guy is hung like a horse.

    1. How do we know this? Would love to see for myself! :)

  2. I "think" the Patton Oswald guy is a "comedy wrestler" named Grado ...

  3. but ... I'd really like to know who the cuties with the glasses is in photo #8 --- and do you guys suspect that the guy in photo#7 is Zack Sabre, Jr?

  4. That doesn't look like ZSJ to me. ZSJ is usually shirtless in wrestling trunks. Oh and that arm tatt pretty much excludes him

  5. Wish Eddie Ryan didn't have that beard

  6. Flex is all hype and doesn't back it up, too bad, he needs to be more active as a heel, the few videos he has on you tube, he lost everyone when he played the face