Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Meet Evan Grey

Thanks to one of this blog's readers* for tipping me off to young independent American wrestler Evan Grey. Grey is quite a mystery. I haven't been able to find any stats on him, but here's what I gleaned from checking out his various social media accounts. It appears he's relatively new in the business; there aren't many photos of him in matches posted online. There's a picture of him with several other "graduates" of a wrestling school called The Black and The Brave (with instructor Seth Rollins) taken last September 2016, so I'm guessing he's been wrestling for about 6 or 7 months only.
There are about 5 of his matches posted to YouTube as of this date; hopefully, we'll see more soon. Anyway, without further ado, here he is. I have to say, Evan Grey is my favorite new Beefcake of Wrestling wrestler already. (*The reader who tipped me off didn't give his or her name in the Comments section, but I would like to say "thank you" for bringing my attention not just to Grey, but   to Markus Mytra as well. More on Mytra very soon. If you know of any wrestlers who should be featured here on BoW, let me know who they are in the Comments section below.)

Uhmmm, can we talk about Grey's barely there ring gear?

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Here are links to Grey's matches on YouTube:
Evan Grey vs Johnny Saovi,
Evan Grey vs Hawaiian Lion,
Evan Grey & EJ Sparks vs 2 The Tribe, Evan Grey vs Cris Syndel  and Evan Grey vs Mike James. 


  1. Beautiful, and...AWESOME choice of ring gear.

  2. Glad you like him, Bruno. I think I'm the only one who posts on this blog and signs as "Anon," at least no one yet has forged my handle. Anon.

  3. I gear on a cute body...need more of these brief briefs!

  4. Love the ring gear (or lack thereof).

    Tristan Archer needs to take note.

    While he's not new, per se, Valerio LaMorte has changed his ring gear this year. I'd say it's an improvement.

    1. Yes, I noticed. He went through some really weird costumes, i.e., the Merryman thing. I think his best look has been in the "Apple Corps" tag team with MJF. Anon.

    2. Tristan Archer is fairly minimal too ... unless you mean he should switch from "boxer briefs" to "trunks"?

  5. I thought that beard of his really works for him, but then that last pic of him, clean shaven.. God damn, I know what I'm watching tonight!

    1. It is a tribute to him that he is the first person I've seen wearing a backwards baseball cap and not looking stupid. Anon.

  6. A few others worth checking out on YouTube (and I apologize if they've been mentioned in the past and I overlooked them):
    Bryen Daniels, a young Ohio wrestler who tends to show a lot of skin and doesn't seem to mind.
    Cody Morton, a young wrestler from Tennessee.
    Travis Titan, a former Western Michigan football player now wrestling.
    Jordan Clearwater, a fresh-faced new wrestler from the Cincinnati area.
    Matt Kenway, a newcomer from the St. Louis area.
    Anthony Henry, a tatted wrestler from Georgia.
    "Eye Candy" Elliot Paul, a Chicago wrestler who also seems to have his trunks yanked down a lot.
    Sonny Vice, a new wrestler from the northern Ohio area.