Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Looking Back At Lewington

Jim from Chicago has been supplying this blog with dozens of fantastic photos he's taken over the years. Here's a batch featuring UK wrestler Steve Lewington (aka DJ Gabriel) from 2009. Jim writes: "
Here are some shots I took of Steve Lewington back in August 2009.  The show was called "End of Summer Bash" held at the Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Florida.  This was a 6 man tag match and Steve's partners were Johnny Curtis and David Otunga.  I can't remember the lucky opponents however they weren't so lucky when it came to winning the match." Thanks for the great work, Jim! Looking forwardto your next contribution.

Is that Rod Zapata refereeing the match?


  1. Sooo hot! Always dreamed of seeing a match between Steve and the equally beefy and sexy Sylvain. Pecs ahoy!

  2. I must thank WWE for the way they pushed such a talented, believable wrestler like Steve Lewington with great matches/storylines

    oh, wait...(!)

  3. LOL @ Dr. Fever!

    How I miss Steve Lewington...

  4. Steve Lewington working as a personal trainer/fitness model in his native England. He recently did a commerical for Toshiba where he plays an American football player sitting by some lockers with his shirt off. he has no line but looks oh soooo hot. I also have a ton of pics of Lewington/Gabriel back from his wrestling days. Would love to share them with you.