Thursday, November 29, 2012

Viva Zapata

Today's Beefcake of Wrestling isn't a pro wrestler, he's a referee. Yes, it's WWE's Rod Zapata (5 ft. 6. in., 156 pounds). When Rod told Matt Striker in an interview that he disapproved of referee Brad Maddox's behavior, I was hoping he and Brad would feud and have a referee vs referee match. Alas, Maddox won't return to WWE until early next year and he probably won't be refereeing matches anymore.  Or will he?

Occupational Hazard

Occupational Benefit


  1. Occupational Benefit... :)

    <3 the sexy selfie!

  2. During some matches with lackluster wrestlers, I've spent more time trying to keep track of the ref than watching the match! Darn cameras won't co-operate.

    There've been some YouTube vids where I wished the ref and ring announcer were on the card.

  3. A ref v ref match, would be hot seeing Maddox and Zapata wrestle each other out of their referee uniforms.

    I agree with Almatolen, many matches now im watching the hot ref instead of not-so exiting wrestling ...but the damn tv cameras dont spend enough time on the hot ref

  4. He is eye candy! Would be nice to see more of him.

  5. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE- Like to get him in gear, in a hold and go from there!!

  6. Just found the naked photo of him, ooft!... (go google these photos)