Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Man Of Steel

Jim from Chicago has a treat for us. This blog's regular contributor emailed me a set of photos he recently took of indie wrestler TJ Steel. Jim writes: "Last Friday November 2nd I took in a Chicago Style Wrestling Show at the Guerin College Prep School located in River Grove, IL.Here are pictures from a match between TJ Steel and Gabriel Herrera in which TJ was the winner." Check out how much leaner TJ has gotten since he was last featured here. Dude's been seriously working out! Thanks a million for these, Jim!

File photo of TJ Steel


  1. This guy just oozes sexy appeal from that muscular body, great photos Cheers.

    Im not usually a fan on long tights on a hot wrestler, but TJ fills them out very nicely

  2. Wow! What a handsome guy ... I would prefer him in trunks too, and loose the chains but still undeniablely hot...
    Thanks for sharing Jim's pix

    1. Yep, him in trunks and loose the chains and shades.
      ...then all we need is to see him do some BGEast / ThundersArena wrestling

  3. His accessories are interesting in concept, but fail in execution. They need an attitude adjustment. But those tights are smokin' even if I prefer trunks.

  4. Very sexy. I'd do a lot to that man.

  5. Very sexy. I'd do a lot to that man.