Sunday, November 25, 2012

What Would You Wear To The Ring?

Back in the Golden Age of Wrestling (1950s-1960s), wrestlers were modestly covered up when they entered the ring. Some wore floor-length robes while others wore ring jackets. Flamboyant wrestlers like Gorgeous George dressed in elaborate sequined-and-feathered affairs (something Ric Flair would copy at the height of his popularity); thereafter, wrestlers who wanted to gain media attention started putting more effort into their pre-match ring attire. Nowadays, we see a lot of variety when it comes to this type of garb. There are still a few wrestlers who are "old-school" while others go for a more casual look (too casual if you ask me...I like the pageantry and pomp of robes. Plus, when the when the wrestlers disrobe, it's like a striptease). Here are just a few examples of what wrestlers wear to the ring. First, the jacket. These are fairly ordinary jackets, but some wrestlers have had theirs customized. Yay to them for making the effort.
Vic Capri

Alex Silva

Christian Able

Then there are vests, capes, and robes.
Steve Stylez

Robbie E (in what looks like an upcycled trash bag)

Austin Aries

Matt Morgan

Rick Rude in one of his many elaborate robes

AJ Styles in one of Ric Flair's robes

There are also costume-y pieces which play up the character or persona of the wrestler.
East Coast Cowboy

Fabiano Rolento

French pro-wrestler Domino

My least favorite pre-match attire -- the t-shirt. It's just too ordinary.
Davey Richards

Brutus Magnus

Scott Reed

Joe Coleman (in what used to be a t-shirt)

And some wrestlers can't be bothered to cover up when they enter the arena.
Mexican luchador Titan

Sylvain Grenier


  1. Sylvain's chest is just so damn sexy! If I looked like him, I'd NEVER cover up. It should be against the law for that man to wear, or even own, a shirt!

  2. Gotta love Robbie E for keeping his hot bod on full display while wearing that "trash bag." :)

  3. Great post. Love those beefcake muscle wrestler bodies being displayed with sexy man showing attire! Case in point Austin Aries and l.Luchador Titan.

  4. I like Capri, Rude, Magnus, and Coleman. Some of the others ALMOST have it right. Like Aries and Styles. Others are too pedestrian or the guys don't have quite the panache to carry it off.

    What I cannot stand is the too frequent occurrence of fit guys wearing concealing clothing DURING a match. I WANT to see a body not clothes in the ring! If you're fat, doughy, or rail-thin, I don't care. If you're hiding muscle, it effects my enjoyment of the match.

  5. Terrific post! I must respectfully disagree about the tee shirts, though; the combination of that shirttail hovering over the briefs, especially with a pair of thick, shapely thighs pouring out underneath... sends shivers through me.

  6. I'm with you, Jedda! The addition of the t-shirt makes the trunks suddenly look so much like underwear... This is, of course, with the understanding that the t-shirt comes off for the match. (Or gets torn off by a vicious and over-zealous opponent.)

  7. Hmm, I like any fine, muscled man showing off his body. So the less clothes the better.
    But you are right... i do like the striptease/reveal of the robes. And i appreciate a fab costume too.

  8. I do enjoy it when a guy goes into the ring with a business suit and/or a dress shirt with the understanding that he either takes it off or is stripped of it during the match. Once I even saw someone start out in a full tux that came off as the match went along. Rufff!

    Very disappointed when.that understanding is breeched.

  9. Who is the hunk inbetween Davey Richards and Brutus Magnus? (now there is a good place to be!)
    He looks abit like Mike Petersen, but dont think it is him.

    Also, Matt Morgan is looking DAMN hot here

  10. Magnificent. There are some stunning outfits, but overall I still prefer the Zack Ryder style: tight enough to bulge, loose enough to appear to flop around, and brief enough to....well, you know. TT