Thursday, November 1, 2012


Here's Anthony Nese...hey, are you even reading this? You probably skipped this intro and went straight to the pictures. Oh well, can't say I blame you.

Thank you, Mr. Nese.

Star Man reminds me of the school mascot in the sit-com Community.

Count those abdominal muscles!

You want a piece of me?


  1. I believe that "Star Man" here is a reference to the old NES game Pro Wrestling which had a character by the same name. If you look at the screen shot on wikipedia, you can even see him in the ring.

    I don't usually pay attention to wrestling other than to see picture of hot man on man action, so you will have to forgive me if this is all common knowledge.

  2. SO HOT to see Nese suffering at the hands of an 8-bit character!

    (Seriously, when I played that Pro Wrestling Nintendo game as a kid, Star Man always kind of scared me. My favorite was King Slender, with long blond hair.)

  3. Nese wrestles so hotly! Great moves, sexy body.

  4. How could TNA have beed so stupid as to let such a magnificent specimen go? Mr Nese looks so damn fine!!