Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweaty Capri

Looking at these photos that Beefcakes' regular contributor Jim from Chicago took of Vic Capri makes me feel like I have a ringside seat to all the action. Look at all the detail...the sweat, the strained muscles, the expression of pain on Capri's face. These pics are from Capri's tag team match for Chicago Style Wrestling held in River Grove, Illinois, at the Guerin College Prep School on November 2. Capri and his partner Ruff Crossing (how's that for a name?) faced the CSW tag team champs known as Night Breed; the champs, however, retained the belts and the title.


  1. The ref in the second image looks as if he's testing to see if VC is done.

    Ten more minutes at 450 degrees?

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  3. Yep, I would give Vic a poke too!

  4. You know, off hand, I can't recall a posting in which VC was the victor. I suppose if I looked for one I could find one. But it's been a while, at least.

    And he looks like such a natural to be a winner!