Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ring Gear : Less Is More

Stretchy pants, singlets, bodysuits...I don't want to see any of that! If you ask me, the less a wrestler wears, the better. Here are some beefcakes who know that when it comes to ring gear, less is more.
Randy Orton. Of course.

Matt Morgan

Pepper Parks

Rob Terry

Cameron Matthews

Australia's Shane Haste

Titus O'Neill and Darren Young

Mexico's El Elegido

Dolph Ziggler. Tight and shiny,

Davey Richards

Prince Devitt

England's Chris Andrews

Tyler Tirva


  1. I concur, and Randy looks awesome! ;P

  2. Completely agree.I reckon Justin Gabriel looks sensational in those skimpy briefs he wears. John Cena has a great body but it is covered by those awful jeans shorts he wears!

  3. Well, guys...I'M looking forward to the day when all a wrestler wears in the ring is a domineering attitude and a wry, cocky smile! I say, "BRING BACK the wonderful tradition of NAKED WRESTLING, as it was in the days of ANCIENT GREECE! (Now THEY sure had it RIGHT!)

    Back then, I'll bet a "PILE DRIVER" had MUCH more of a literal, visceral, "GUT-WRENCHING" meaning than the figurative meaning, which it holds today.

  4. I've been trying to think of wrestlers who changed to briefs and lost their appeal, and have yet to come up with one. Meanwhile, I wholeheartedly loved it when Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, Zac Ryder, and the Miz, all changed to briefs. Meanwhile, I miss Dave Otunga in briefs. And John Cena? I can only hope!

  5. do they wear anything underneath those briefs?

    1. I've seen pictures of wresters who wear briefs/thongs underneath their ring gear and wrestlers who "go commando" so the answer to your question would be "yes and no."

  6. Can you please show this to WWE!
    How the hell can they think about swapping Johnny Curtis trunks for those long tights?!

    Ok, at least after a long time they are giving him a push ...but he has one of the more believable bodies in the WWE and they cover up half of him.

    Dear Mr WWE, take a look at this thread ...this is what we want!