Sunday, November 11, 2012

Triple Threat (Part 1)

Here's a match called "Triple Threat" that took place on June 1, 2012 in Canada. I'll let these pictures speak for themselves...
Threat # 1 - Sylvain Grenier

Threat # 2 - Franky The Mobster

Threat # 3 - Darkko

And for those who wrote about wanting to see Sylvain being punished, I give you these...

Pics of the post-match action tomorrow. See Sylvain and Franky get their revenge on Darkko.


  1. Makes me wanna try triple penetration. :P

  2. Threat #1.. more like Treat #1
    Great pics of musclehunk Sylvain, looking forward to seeing tomorrows pics..more Treats#1

  3. Oof, Sylvain being punished...! He's so clearly the hottest of the three, and that last set of pictures is just

  4. Awesome pics! Sylvain just gets hotter and hotter! Super sexy from top to bottom and front to back. Can't wait for Part 2!

  5. Seeing sexy Sly in his La Resistance trunks reminds me of how much I miss seeing him and Dupree. :( Hottest tag team EVER!

  6. How does Sylvain stay so hot over all these years? He looks as fantastic now as he did when he was teaming with Rob Conway and Renee Dupree.