Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pre-Beatdown Beatdown

People can't seem to stop talking about last week's "match" between WWE's Ryback (formerly Skip Sheffield) and Brad Maddox.
Awww, poor Brad.

Okay, it wasn't really a match...obviously Brad was no match for the humongous Ryback. It was more of a one-sided beatdown that saw Ryback demolish poor, helpless Brad. But did you know that this wasn't the first time these two were in the ring together? Back in 2008, earlier incarnations of Ryback and Maddox appeared in an Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) show. Again, it wasn't a real match...and again Brad suffered at the hands of the much larger Ryback. Watch the action here.

P.S. Times sure have changed, haven't they? Back in the day, a monster like Ryback would have been the heel that the fans hated while a pretty-boy like Brad would have been the hero they would cheer for.


  1. I hope we get to see that pretty boy with that awesome arse back wrestling in the WWE soon

  2. Poor Brad. Hope his hot bod got some much needed TLC after taking that beating.

  3. Something about Brad Maddox...just so damn SEXY!

  4. Yah, Brad is sexie. That's exactly why I hope he lands on the WWE roster. Put him in the ring against such Heel's as Big Show, Wade Barrett ( would LOVE to see Wade work this kid over ) and of course plenty more matches against Ryback...nothing Hotter than a cuttie like Maddox getting worked over and Punished.