Monday, November 26, 2012

Rip 'N Strip Tuxedo Match

In the previous post on pre-match ring attire, reader Almatolmen left a comment regarding tuxedo matches.  In such a match, both wrestlers enter the ring dressed in tuxedos; the only way to win is to strip your opponent off his clothes and leave him in his underwear. Yes, really! (I wonder what the audience made of that. Seeing two muscular men rip each other's clothes off until one of them was almost naked.) I remember Tom Zenk participating in a match like this and thanks to Google, I found some info about it.
Tom Zenk and Scott Hall in a rip 'n strip tuxedo match! Now where is the video? Couldn't find it on YouTube, but I did find this: Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd. Still, its not the same. But if you'd like to see a tuxedo match between Steve Austin (aka Stone Cold Steve Austin) and Johnny B. Badd (aka Marc Mero), then check this out: Tuxedo Match. Bobby Heenan provides some of the colorful commentary (sample: "It's like two maitre d's fighting over a table.") Turns out it was Austin who asked for this type of match. It makes you wonder why. Here are some screen caps I made from the video.

They look like Chippendales Dancers who wrestle.


  1. Swoon! Some good pix. And I got mentioned by username! I've arrived! :)

  2. This is great! Thanks, Bruno (and you, Almatolmen, for inspiring it). You know what I'd love? Since I always enjoyed the gimmicks done to unconscious jobbers (Steve Austin shoving dollar bills in victims' mouths, or Cody Rhodes putting bags on people's heads), how about a wrestler who strips his opponent down to briefs after he's out cold? That'd be one way to get John Cena out of those knickers!

    1. Corrrection: that should have been Ted Dibiase, not Steve Austin, shoving dollar bills in victims' mouths.

  3. I loved these sort of matches,
    remember Diamond Studd wrestled Tom 'z-man' Zenk out of his shirt, tie and suit.
    One the hottest memories of wrestling

  4. There are or were screen caps on the Zman's website of Studd ripping Tom's clothes off during an in-ring interview. That's how it all started. After that they settled their differences in a tuxedo match. There's one photo of that but they both still have way too many clothes on.