Monday, December 17, 2012

Body Shots

It's the holiday season. Time for a smorgasbord of Beefcake.
Greek God Papadon

Alex Plexis

Justin Gabriel

Brian Cage

Caleb Konley

Billy Gibson

Anthony Nese

Jeff Starr

Shaun "The Hammer" Davis

Steve Lewington

Dirty Money

Babyfaced Pitbull

Mason Ryan and Alex Riley

WWE's The Nexus


  1. My God, Alex Plexis has the perfect upper body. Dear Lord..

  2. I did a little research and that stud seems to be Billy Gibson.

  3. Nice to see the missing musclemen of wrestling
    Steve Lewington
    Alex Riley
    Mason Ryan
    ...aww, sweet memories of these guys.

    Alex Plexis is new on me (I wish) a great upper body.

    Also great to see little known Babyface Pitbull (who has just won a few wrestling awards here in UK), Billy Gibson and Caleb Konley. A tasty collection of forgetten men, cheers

  4. All of the men in this group of pictures are sexy and gorgeous. Don't know if I have a favorite, but they all look amazing.

  5. Amazing shot of sexy Steve Lewington! Sooo hot! *swoon*

  6. The "JOBBER" in me say's.....Greek God Papadon, Jeff Starr, Shaun "The Hammer" Davis, and Babyface Pitbull...Pin Me, Ruff Me Up....HAVE MERCY....FOUR INCREDIBLE LOOKING MEN !!