Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"The Show Must Go On" (Revisited)

Here are more photos (taken by a different photographer) from Pro Wrestling Syndicate's "The Show Must Go On" event held on November 9 in Rahway, New Jersey.  In this first set, Anthony Nese battled Star Man and Alex Reynolds for the Tri-State Title. Nese lost the belt to the clad-in-head-to-toe-pink Star Man.

And now The Big O in a three man tag team match (with his partners The Southside Playaz Club) against Johnny Silver and the brother-tag team of Jobber Justin and Jobber Dustin. The Big O took this match. 

Johnny Silver strikes a pose.


  1. BIG O's camouflage trunks are sure doing an EXCELLENT job of "concealing" his gorgeous bulging ASSEts...NOT! And I'm SO thankful for THAT! What a FRONT view!...WHAT a BACK view! What a dream it'd be to be "STINK FACED" by him in the corner of the ring..OR else to be "face-pinned" beneath his sweaty, bulging crotch...and forced to take in every bit of BIG O's groin-churning man smell! Oh YEAHHHHH! ;P

    1. Big O's wrestling trunk tailor should kit out all hot wrestlers. He obviously has no idea on sizes and gives the big beefy hunk these tiny trunks that can hardly contain those big cheeks of his.
      ...and we are all thankful

  2. Johnny Silver looks mighty FINE! Just check out that TOTALLY "TAP-ABLE" muscular ass of his! And that light, three-days old facial scruff (SEXY!) And WHO could resist those "penetrating", dark, bedroom eyes of his...TOTALLY seductive!

    The photo looks like it could've been snapped at a gay bar, ("UNDERWEAR ONLY NIGHT"!) I've been to a few of those and guys would quite often show up in wrestling singlets and/or skimpy wrestling trunks. YUMMMM! After only a couple of drinks, groping "BALL CLAWS" were a common sight! (Ahhhh the memories!)

  3. This is a great post 'Battle of the Bulging Butts'

    If Tony Ness' trunks get any higher, I think I will have to give him a hand to get them back out! (*snaps on my doctors gloves*)

  4. Big O's camouflage tights are so damn hot and am diggin the posts above that comment on his ASSets, yeah!. This hot muscle stud deserves to be on as many posts as you can get. Love the pic of him carrying Johnny Silver like a sack of potatoes.