Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nese's Frightmare Before Christmas

It wasn't a good day for Anthony Nese. In Pro Wrestling Syndicate's "Frightmare Before Christmas" show held at The SMG Sportsplex in Metuchen, New Jersey, on December 7, "The Premiere Athlete" lost to a behemoth named Apollyon.  Never mind, Tony. You'll get him next time. In the meantime, you keep working on that eight-pack. (I mean, seriously, this man is shredded!) (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)

Tony's not happy about that bootprint on his 8-pack.

The money shot.

It's not Suffering Sunday yet, but it might as well be. 

"What? I lost? To that?"

"I'll just sit here and look hot."

"Damn you, Santa! It's your fault I lost!"

A little tongue.


  1. It doesn't matter Tony. Nobody lusts after HIM! And you will beat him in the future.

  2. Those trucks don't know where to go?... one minute here they are riding up the arse, the next they are being pulled down his groin!

  3. Ha ha, take that, Santa!

    Nese certainly seems to wrestle a lot--I know I'm grateful for it!

  4. Nese is so sexy that he even makes losing look hot!

  5. way to go apollyon!!!! nothing against nese, but nice to see him get beat by a bigger guy, that is the so called underdog. hope apollyon takes neese agine in the rematch.

  6. Nese is one hot stud, but congrats to Apollyon for putting him in his place.
    It probably will be a while before Nese is good enough to be anything but pretty in the ring!

    1. luv your comment on the apollyon/nese match. agree with you all the way.

  7. To heelwrestler and Anonymous, I say Ha! Apollyon just has his weight to throw around. Nese has so much more than looks and a hard body.

  8. I agree with Almatolmen; Nese is so much more than just "pretty!" (But since I do so love seeing him suffer, for me it's really win/win whatever Nese does!) :)

  9. to almatolmem i say to you sour grapes. apollyon has a lot more then to throw around then his weight. he whipped nese good. pretty boy lost.