Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday's Masked Men

I'm starting a new weekly feature called...yeah, you guessed it...see title above. This Monday's masked beefcake is indie wrestler Mega Muerte (muerte being the Spanish word for death, so Mega Death). At first I thought this guy is a luchador in Mexico, but he's actually one of the wrestlers of Powerhouse Wrestling Academy in Connecticut. Couldn't find his stats anywhere online though. Hmmm, I wonder what he looks like underneath that mask.

I wonder what the dude on the right is thinking.


  1. Great body on this man! It doesn't matter what he looks like under that mask, but I'm betting he's pretty good-looking.

  2. Please, leave the mask at home! Especially since it makes me think of a KKK Grand Wizard. Note, I'm not saying that was his intent. But it does evoke that for me.

    I don't "get" masks. Of all the wrestlers I've seen with them I think it only "worked" FOR him twice. Once was the Patriot. I don't remember the other, but I think it was a BGE wrestler

    Faces are what makes it personal, provides emotional context. Without them, well the match is impersonal and unemotional. To me, most unsatisfactory.

    1. I do agree in that I love to see the faces. I still think masks can be hot, but I also find myself wanting to know what they look like. So it may defeat the purpose of masks, but I like them best when I can STILL find out what the person looks like!

  3. Well, Bruno...I sure "get" it! Masks on the face of big, muscular, broad-shouldered, BIG-bulged wrestlers get my "BOYS" burnin', churnin', and yearnin' for action! THANK YOU TJANK YOU...THANK YOU for having henceforth designated MONDAYS' installments as being "MASK-themed". Thanks for the early Christmas gift, Bruno.

    "Yes, Virginia. There IS a Santa Claus." (aka... Bruno Martin)

  4. I agree. Mega Muerte should REALLY rework his ring attire. A form-fitting, BLACK wrestling mask and a skimpy black speedo would suit me perfectly fine! I agree with ALMATOLMEN; that white, hood-like "mask-ish" head covering doesn't flatter M.M. at ALL! (And those white, baggy, short pants have gotta' go too!) You've GOT IT goin' on, BLOODY WELL FLAUNT IT with "form-fitting" SPANDEX!

  5. Nice find. He's definitely a beefcake. Hope to see more of him real soon.

  6. DAAAAAMMNN!! I agree that he'd look better in tighter trunks, and a different mask--or none at all. But holy hotness! He's sexy.

  7. Tighter trunks can be found here:

  8. Like Mike above that big muscle in a mask looking brutal gets my juices goin. Great body on this stud! More post of him destroying some helpless younger and smaller muscle stud in the future sound in order!