Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jolly Rogers

David, one of this blog's regular contributors, emailed me these pics he took last October of FCW/WWE NXT's Nick Rogers. I went to the NXT roster page to take a look at Roger's stats,  but he's no longer included in the line-up. Has he been dropped already? Anyway, Rogers' opponent here is Briley Pierce (aka Ryan Nemeth) who happens to be Dolph Ziggler's brother (aka Nick Nemeth). Thanks for these great pics, David!


  1. Happy Christmas Bruno and members on this site (iv not been on here for abit, oops..what beefcakes have I missed?.)
    Want to say thanks for an amazing blog, great photos and funny comments from users on here.

    Now, back to photos..
    How hot are these 2!? Very tasty collection.
    But what is Nick doing in pic4? Did someone mention about his missing bellybutton and he is trying to poke one into himself? (Im sure im not alone in being a willing volunteer to give him a poke!)

    1. Season's Greetings to you, Dr. Fever! Working on the blog is a lot of fun for me and it's nice to know there are people like yourself who enjoy it. Keep those comments coming!