Saturday, December 8, 2012

Question Of The Week

A couple of days ago, Sam Shaw was featured here in a match against Rocky Santiago (see Rocky's On Fire post). One of this blog's readers made a comment that when Sam wrestles for Ohio Valley Wrestling, he wears black Speedo-type ring gear and not the board shorts and sneakers he wears on TNT Impact (pictured below).

And this is what Sam wears -- or perhaps is made to wear -- when he appears in OVW.

So my question to you would be...which ring gear would you rather see Sam wrestle in?


  1. Always go with the speedo! #1 rule of ring gear: the smaller, the tighter, the better!

  2. I've got to start watching OVW matches, they know what we like!

    (Whos dumb idea was it at TNA to give this hot guy board shorts?! sheesh!)

  3. ps. the camera angle in last photo is just perfect for entertainment purposes!

  4. Umm...actually in my last post I noted that he has new gear since the speedo and long hair. Since that last pic has him with short hair maybe that's a fourth incarnation. The OVW gear I saw was kinda hard to see because the camera was far away and it was a 6-man tag in which he was the most peripheral contestant, it was difficult to make an evaluation.

    I think he's hot no matter the gear. I'm surprised to say that I actually prefer the board shorts, which I generally detest! Go figure!

  5. Ha ha.. that's a joke right. Go OVW! Speedos all the way