Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Coleman Cometh

Here's Ohio Valley Wrestling's Joe Coleman, 5 ft. 10 in., 220 pounds, and originally from Detroit, Michigan. I've been collecting these photos since he first started appearing in that federation (back them I didn't even know his name). Coleman is currently OVW's Television Champion, a title he's held since Nov. 7. (Photos by Pamela Barnett)

Is this the longest tongue in pro wrestling?


  1. Thanks for the pics. This stud is new to me as I haven't seen OVW in a while. Does anyone know who the big bearded hunk in the background of the 3rd pic is? I'd like to see more of him!

    1. The bearded hunk with Coleman looks like OVW's Fabiano Rolento. Click on his name on the left column to see previous posts on him.

  2. Thanks, Bruno. What a handsome beefy stud. I knew you'd know who he is.