Saturday, December 29, 2012

PCW's Hot Wrestling Action

It was a Standing Room Only crowd that watched Vic Capri wrestle Rion Skillz in PCW's Quest for the Cup 2012 event held on Dec. 15. As PCW describes it on their website, it was "a night of hot wrestling action." Looking at these images of Capri, I'd have to agree.

Is this some kind of new wrestling move?

Match outcome - Capri lost to Skillz.


  1. Capri's intensely sexy, steel blue eyes are just so hypnotically distracting! And has Vic packed on more pec muscle? They're DEFINITELY looking "MEATIER"! (Mmmmm.)

  2. Incredible Looking man, Incredible Blue eyes, Beefy Chest-Biceps and a Butt to Die for !! But...Seeing him Suffer ie: pictures 15 thru 18--I would much rather have him Job in a match and LOOSE to a guy like Skillz..and showcase his Suffering, as he does so very well !!

  3. Ditoo Jobber N Florida about Capri being a jobber to a dirty rough trade brute. He does showcase some suffering. Nothing like ripped and shredded muscle!