Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday's Masked Men

Here's Mexican luchador El Elegido in a "timeline" starting from his earliest days in wrestling to more recent times. Click on the label below to see previous posts on this masked beefcake.

The infamous striptease dance.


  1. YEAHHH,Baby! What a GRRRRRReat way to start the week! Seeing El Elegido in his sexy mask, boots, elbow/knee pads, and nicely bulging, ass-tight, yin/yang speedo-style trunks, sure does make me HAP! HAP! HAPPY!

    (EL ELEGIDO sure does trigger my "mask-loving" LIBIDO!)

  2. Man, but El Elegido is a drop-dead gorgeous hunk! This sexy dude is one exciting wrestler.

  3. Hot trunks, hot mask, hot body.

  4. Love to see his face and see if is as hot as the rest of the package....Amazing eyes...yeah I said it!