Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is This Man Mega Muerte?

Remember last week's Monday's Masked Men post on indie wrestler Mega Muerte?

Well, sharp-eyed Stay Puft of the Inner Jobber blog noticed that Mega Muerte's Facebook page featured a lot of comments from one Robby Gould, a competitive bodybuilder. In Stay Puft's email to me, he wrote that "the comments from Mega Muerte's photos would say things like "Is that Robby?" Furthermore, Stay Puft noticed that Robby's page has links to Mega Muerte's matches on YouTube. So is Robby Gould the man behind the mask? We can't confirm it, but show us a photo where the two of them are side-by-side and that'll confirm Robby isn't Mega Muerte. Here are photos of Robby from his Facebook page. Hmm, he's dressed as both Sgt. Slaughter and Hulk Hogan (presumably for Halloween), so there's an obvious wrestling connection there.
Robby Gould

Note the wrestling pose.

What do you think? Is Robby Gould Mega Mega Muerte Robby Gould? (Read Mike's comment about the tell-tale mole on the lower left side of the belly button here. I also noticed the dimple that's right above the belly-button is the same one that Robby has in the first photo above.)
See the mole and dimple?


  1. WHEW! GOOD! It's NOT just me. I thought perhaps, that I might have been LOSIN' IT! (Who am I kiddin'? I'd already "LOST IT" years ago...and the guy's name was/is still...NOPE! (Mum's da woyd!) ;P

  2. Ditch that mask and find a pair of trunks (..see Big O's wardrobe assistant, he is good at dishing out undersized wrestling gear)
    A great find - this guy and the blogsite.

  3. Ahhh YES. The telltale "dimple-above-the-belly-button" anatomical feature...I hadn't notice THAT before. This "belly button-riding" dimple, coupled with the lower abdominal freckle/mole, both located in the same spots on each man is pretty incriminating evidence that the two men are in fact the same man. I's just like being part of a CSI episode. I feel so...COLUMBO-ish. Having not just one, but TWO identically placed, distinctive, anatomical features in common is as revelatory as two individuals with matching fingerprints or "EYE-dentical" iris scans. ;D

    Thanks, Bruno, for having pointed out their matching "belly button-riding" dimples. I just visited Robby's FB page and Stay Puft is CORRECT (when ISN'T he?) - Robby has more links to Mega Muerte's matches than to ANYTHING else! It seems a LOT more like shameless "SELF-PROMOTION" than one buddy just selflessly helpin' out another. I'm now convinced, beyond ANY doubt; ROBBY GOULD = MEGA MUERTE! "Case closed"...and "lights out" before leaving the CSI office for the night.

  4. Any day with a Mega Muerte/Robby Gould post is a great day! Pictures of note: 2nd down in his skivvies, 7th down (that ASS!), and 9th down--the muscle worship!

    Great post as always, Bruno. Thanks for the shout-out!

  5. You're VERY welcome, Sir Bruno! And a great big "THANK YOU" to Stay Puft for having gotten this fascinating identity "INVESTI-GAY-TION" off the ground. ("Three's the charm!")

  6. Just for everyone's information, that "dimple" above his belly button is a surgical scar from heavy lifting and common in bodybiilders. I've seen several bodybiulders/powerlifters with the same thing. Just food for thought.