Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Boy Named Charlie Garrett

Thanks to one of the readers of this blog for identifying the British wrestler in the previous post (see Who Is This Guy?). Charlie Garrett is an independent wrestler from Bath, England who has wrestled for promotions like Devon Wrestling, Pro Evolution Wrestling, and Alternative Wrestling World. For some reason, he also wrestles (or has wrestled) under the name Zak Garrett. Here are links to some of his matches as Zak Garrett on YouTube: Zak Garrett vs PJ Jones, Zak Garrett vs JD Knight (hot match), Zak Garrett vs Sam Beech,  Zak Garrett vs Joey Sniper vs Dan Splash (hot threeway match). Thanks again to our "anonymous" reader for identifying Charlie/Zak and for telling us about his online matches.

With Chris Andrews

Charlie in the middle.


  1. Charlie Garrett has the makings of an instant favorite, I think. Thanks for posting the great photos, Bruno--definitely one to check up on now and then.

  2. Yeah, he passes the stiffy test with me, and his facial features vary from pic to pic, none of them unattractive mind you, but in some of them he looks like an ordinary Joe who looks down and discovers he's packed with muscles, and in others he has sultriness radiating out of every pore. The trunks don't hinder my imagination, either.

  3. Is that match from the 6th and 7th pictures on YouTube, by any chance?

  4. I went to look up Garrett Thomas but found this guy! Wow hot as hell nice and tight.