Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ring Of Honor Action

Here are some shots from Ring Of Honor's most recent iPPV event, "Best In The World 2013," held on June 22 in Baltimore, Maryland. The first set of pics features Mike Bennett vs BJ Whitmer. Our man Bennett lost the match to his opponent.  (All photos by Scott Finkelstein).

The second set features a tag team match between The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) vs Adrenaline RUSH (Tadarius Thomas and ACH). Davey and Eddie took the match.

And finally, here is Michael Elgin vs Tomasso Ciampa.


Your winner...Michael Elgin by pinfall!

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  1. Thanks for posting another great set of photos this time from ROH. Bennett in zebra stripes -- NICE. I don't recall him in animal print before but he seems to have a knack for selecting the most provocative gear.

    My. favorite photo of the whole batch is where Davey applies that Cloverleaf or Boston Crab variation and partner Eddie pulls back his chin for double leverage. I dig how they combine their strength to punish their man. Nice find...