Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tyler Bate : Babyface or Heel?

"Junior Beefcake" Tyler Bate has the classic look of a babyface; he's young, blonde, and lean. Promoters can't seem to resist pitting the good-looking British rookie against huge, sadistic heels in matches like this...

But Tyler can also be a pretty despicable heel. Check out this fourway match for Triple X Wrestling held in Coventry last July 7.
He enters the ring scowling (but is the man in the background buying it?).

Tyler favors the classic old-school look.

Heels don't always win. 

Which version of Tyler Bate do you like better? Tyler the Babyface or Tyler the Heel?


  1. Face seems more convincing to me. I think I'd have a hard time thinking, "Ooh, I hope he gets his comeuppance!"

  2. Face. For selfish reasons. I got stiff twice as fast when I imagined him as a face, that I was wrestling this nervous rookie who hoped to break into the indy pro ranks, but who didn't think he should try on more adventurous gear. Tangling with sincere, white-bread young studs has its charms.

  3. Agreed -- he has a Facey vibe. Even his angry expressions look too cute. And "Tyler Bate" is a perfect name for a Good Guy. Just dress him in pink or yellow with white boots and let him job until he's at least 35, then ask me again.

  4. Wanted to share another face, so far unrecognized here: Clay Moore. Apparently did a stint as an A&F floor model before bulking up.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Anonymous. Check out the next post. :-)

  5. Tyler is a good young british wrestler, but I find him a more realistic face than a heel.

    ...also he sells the poor beaten good guy so well in the ring against a big bad brute.

  6. Recent match from Tyler.