Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blue-Eyed Bashing

Blue-eyed rookie beefcake faces blue-eyed veteran beefcake in this June 26 Ring Of Honor TV taping held in Baltimore, Maryland. Young up-and-comer Nick Meriman gets crushed by Mike Bennett in what looks like a very short match. Better luck next time, Meriman. (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)

Bennet finishes Meriman off.


  1. Two hotties wrestling each other is an awesome thing.

  2. I watched this match on TV and have to say, wasn't to happy with Bennett for finishing the kid off in a matter of maybe a minute. It would have been far more enjoyable, had Bennett spent some time working the hottie over. Knowing Bennett and the pleasure he takes in playing with his opponents, maybe a few nice punishments ie: Fist Shots, Stomps or maybe a nice Piledriver delivered to Meriman would have gotten both the crowd (and myself ) more into the newbie and what Bennett had in store for him. Hopefully, ROH will play into Meriman wanting a re-match, thus allowing Bennett to show the kid some of his punishing moves.