Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Double Post : Eric St. Vaughn and Sam Shaw

What's better than one beefcake wrestler? Why, two beefcake wrestlers, of course. So here are indie wrestlers Eric St. Vaughn and Sam Shaw. At first, I thought, why should I put these two in one post? What could they possible have in common? And then it hit me. Both men wear similar gear to their matches, i.e., shorts that come down to the knees. Now I know what you're thinking...less is more, right? But then, it's summer, a season when board shorts are a common sight not just in beaches, but in cities as well. So without further ado, here is Eric St. Vaughn.


Eric is the "humble and loyal valet" of Ashton Vuitton

And now here is Sam Shaw.

Dylan Bostic isn't afraid to wear pink.

Sam's in trouble.


  1. I was gonna say something about variety being nice, and that board shorts are all right, and then the stud in the tiny pink trunks totally stole my attention...

  2. I dunno, I guess I've made my peace with board shorts: they give me something to look at in between rounds of jacking off to hot wrestling studs in speedos.