Sunday, July 14, 2013

Share and Share Alike

A few days ago, I posted this image in From Behind, a collection of photos featuring the backsides of some of our favorite beefcake wrestlers. Note that Briley Pierce (aka Ryan Nemeth) is wearing his trademark blue ring gear while Brad Maddox is wearing gold.

Regular contributor and good friend of this blog, David, sent me a couple of photographs he took about 6 months ago. He writes, "Interesting to note that the gold trunks on Brad Maddox sometimes show up on Briley Pierce." Why yes, indeed, those are Brad's trunks that Briley is wearing. I guess Briley forgot to do his laundry! Thanks for the pics, David. See more of David's work tomorrow on Monster Muscle Monday. UPDATE!!! David emailed to say that the gold trunks belong to Briley. Said gold trunks have also been spotted on Corey Graves..."so Briley must be a pretty generous guy." Thanks for the info, David!

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