Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Clay Moore's "Tighty-Whities"

If you liked how Clay Moore looks in his tight black ring gear, you'll love him in his new white trunks. Nothing says babyface-wrestler like white gear (with matching elbow pad, knee pads, and boots). The gold accents complement Clay's blonde hair and make him look even more heroic. Here he is in a match against Morgue held on June 14th. UPDATE: Our "anonymous" friend, the one who tipped us off to Clay, sent me a link to the match below. You can view it here. More links to Clay's other matches coming soon.
White gear pretty much shows off everything, doesn't it?

Nice view.

Another nice view.

Those white trunks hug Clay in all the right places.

Your winner...Clay Moore!


  1. Skimpy white gear, tight and revealing, vs. an opponent all in black, totally covered and even wearing a mask to hide his face. The contrasts just serve to make Clay that much hotter in this match!

  2. That arse looks so good in white!

  3. if this man ever wrestles in anything that covers up his inspiring physique, someone should take him out and...and...and, well, do SOMETHING nasty to him. It'd be some kind of crime against gay men everywhere.

  4. Totally agree: Clay is magnificent. Wish he'd appear on Naked Kombat! (I know that's unlikely to happen, but dream on...)

  5. White is definitely a cheek clenching colour, the stud has the full package................